Jim Wright For Mayor Experience The Change!

Campaign Speech

       Good afternoon. I am here today as a candidate running for mayor of Middleton. As your mayor, I will help protect flooded areas, benefit elderly society, and provide meeting places for teens. With my political experience as City Council Chairman for Middleton in 2007, I come to you prepared and ready to go to work.

            Flooding is an issue that we, together can fix. It is enormously affecting citizens along the shoreline of the Mississippi River. We can install gutter systems on buildings along the river. We can build an underground pipe system to divert water flow. These are only some of the ideas when it comes to flooding. We should always be preparing for our next flood when we aren’t experiencing one.

            We also have citizens worrying about teens, as they are grouping together downtown at night. We can create a teen center in the Middleton Library. Provide a teen center, where there is a small fee according to what families can afford. We can increase police patrol around former “hangout” areas, to ensure safety. Experience how the change positively affects our teens as a whole. 

            Another issue we in Middleton face is taking care of our elderly. They are having a hard time affording the material that they need. One way to help is give our senior citizens some tax breaks. We should establish a senior center that provides transportation to and from it. We should also give them free transportation to places around Middleton, like shopping centers and medical buildings. These steps will greatly improve the quality of life for our seniors.  

            There is a reason I’m here. When I was born in Washington DC, I found out I didn’t fit in. When I moved to Middleton I started participating with the community. I created the Wright foundation, a charity that really meant something to me. As I moved to politics, I thought, Middleton is an amazing place! It was a great opportunity to be elected City Council chairman, and continue to serve Middleton. We can control the issues such as the flooding, help the teens finding positive recreation, and support the elderly money issues. Middleton is already a great place, but with a few small tweaks we can make it even better! If I am elected your mayor you will Experience the Change!


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